Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Melted Plastic Craze

It started with one person with some plastic pony beads a metal bowl and nothing better to do than stick them in the oven to see what wold happen.
That first brave soul who said dangerous fumes be dammed .I'm melting shit !!
since then people from all over the planet have been melting everything they can find in everything you can think of to create bowls lampshades windows etc..

Ive been collecting plastic things for more than a year I hunt the pay by the pound goodwill bins having to dig to the bottom of the bins to discover what game pieces toys beads buttons its treasure for sure and overlooked by the other scavengers hunting for whatever they are hunting for .

I'm sure one day there will be a gallery showing of melted whatnot's that will sell for thousands of dollars In NYC If they haven already I do seem to remember a army man bowl in a gallery but I'm not really sure ..

Are you brave enough to risk catching your kitchen ablaze while holding your breath so you don't breath in the fumes ?? then start collecting and melt on ..


Angela Moore said...

Those are absolutely awesome! I love it.

cracka said...

i frequently use melted plastic in my artwork, but in a slightly different way than what's used here. (although this gave me lots of ideas!)

i coined the term "burnism" to describe what i do. some examples here:

Travellers Craft said...

good stuff,i've just been melting some plastic in my bedroom right before bed...maybe not a good idea. but these are great! how long do you oven them for?

Unknown said...

I love yor pieces. I am curretnly in the process of creating a sculpture with melted plastic and one issue that I have run into is how to create a dome shape. I was wondering how you achieved this with the lamp shade and bowls.

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