Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Beaded Doll

This Was The Start Of My Bead Obsession

I Was Looking Around On Craftster Came Across A Post From This Girl In Italy Making The Most Incredible Beaded Dolls .I Was Love At First Site .
Had to Give it It A Go .
So I Had A Swap I was Doing One ancient cultures .

My Swap Partner Chose The Incas .
I Had NO Clue Of what To Do But I Got The Beads Made The Form Out Of Some Red Felt And Started Beading .
I Had No Idea that It was a Rather Large Undertaking .I Only Had A Few Weeks And I Had two Other items To Make for The Swap !
Night And day I Beaded Away I Got Done The Night Before The Mail Out Date ..
My Finished Project was really Amazing It Glowed .
Off It Went In The Mail ..
I Was Sad To See It Go . The Time Consuming Projects Are Really Hard To Let Go Of its Like A Section Of Your Life Is Gone .. But When You Hear how Much What You Made It Makes You Feel Great ...

My First Beaded Gourd

The Blue Gourd Was My very First Experiment With The Beaded Rim .
I Used Silk Dyeing Method On The Gourd .
The Inside Is Some Fiber Paper That Is Half Paper Half Cloth Stuff That Is Wonderful To Work With I Just Used Modge Podge

I Added Some Crushed Gold Granite On The Outside Then Sealed The Outside And Inside With Acrylic Resin It Made The Colors Pop Like Crazy.
The Beaded Rim I Used Japanese Seed beads.
There Uniform Quality Makes Your Work So Much Faster, And The Frustration Factor Well Worth There Price .
The Dangle Was Made With The Fringe Branch Stitch
I Used Swarovski Pearls And Crystals ..
I Sold This Piece And Miss It But That's How It Goes I'm Thrilled Whenever Someone Wants Something Ive Made For There House ....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Uncles Wig

My Uncles Wig

The Crafters at Craftster have done it again . if anyone tells you everything has already been done just point them to craftster ..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Share your Mess...Then let's clean it up!

Share your Mess...Then let's clean it up!

OK Its All Most Fall . But It Is Time To Straighten The Art Supplies Out ... It Is Not So Bad . I Find Lots Of Stuff I Forgot About And Even More I remember And Haven't Been Able To Find !! On Craftster they have craft room clean alongs Sounds Good To Get Motavated But Posting My Before Is Not Going To Happen
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