Friday, May 9, 2008


No not for Obama Or Hillery This Is Importaint!!

My entery is the steamy cup of lite I don't have a chance in hell to win this one but every vote helps my ego ..

Ok I did not win but the officeal blog picked me out of the 76 enterys that did not win to feature not to shabby :)


Kiwi Ellen said...

Well heck Steve I missed this so didn't vote but congrats anyhow on making the pick of the best list

Mr.Natural said...

While not voting, my wife THE WORLD FAMOUS Kiwi Ellen, showed me a picture of it and I thought it fantastic! I am looking forward to snooping around in your blog and seeing lots more of your work!

Arther said...

Thanks Joe and Ellen ..Joe I love your blog Your stuff Is Amazing I especially liked the steam punk that you entered at the fair (I'm assuming you did enter it ) it looked like something willy wonka made ..

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