Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Beaded Doll

This Was The Start Of My Bead Obsession

I Was Looking Around On Craftster Came Across A Post From This Girl In Italy Making The Most Incredible Beaded Dolls .I Was Love At First Site .
Had to Give it It A Go .
So I Had A Swap I was Doing One ancient cultures .

My Swap Partner Chose The Incas .
I Had NO Clue Of what To Do But I Got The Beads Made The Form Out Of Some Red Felt And Started Beading .
I Had No Idea that It was a Rather Large Undertaking .I Only Had A Few Weeks And I Had two Other items To Make for The Swap !
Night And day I Beaded Away I Got Done The Night Before The Mail Out Date ..
My Finished Project was really Amazing It Glowed .
Off It Went In The Mail ..
I Was Sad To See It Go . The Time Consuming Projects Are Really Hard To Let Go Of its Like A Section Of Your Life Is Gone .. But When You Hear how Much What You Made It Makes You Feel Great ...

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