Friday, July 6, 2007

So Last Night My Best Friend Asked His Partner To Marry Him .Why Does This Matter On A Blog About Crafts ? ..BECAUSE I GET TO PLAN A FRICKEN WEDDING !!!! .

OK So I Was So Nervous I Broke Out In Hives And Then Cried A Bit In front Of Everyone... ..But I Don't Care I'm So Happy For Them .I Know Everything They Had To Overcome To Get To This Point I Love Them Both And Is Was Amazing To See Them Both So Happy . ....And Did I Mention I GET TO PLAN A FRICKEN WEDDING !!!!


Denise said...

Hey that's great! Does that mean they are coming up here to Canada?
Love the blog and I can't wait to see more of your beading!
Cheers, Denise

Kiwi Ellen said...

Too cool Steve - I bet you make a great wedding planner too

Arther said...

Thanks Denise Im Just getting Going On It check Back Ill Have More Done Soon ..

We Have Domestic Partnership In Oregon now
whatever they call it I still get to plan a wedding :) whoo hoo

Arther said...

Ellen ..
When I'm In Shops And I Overhear Someone Tyring To Decide What To Choose for there wedding I Just Want To Go And Take Charge.

Since I Will Probably Not Get Married and If Do I Want It To Be Very Casual and Simple . white sand beach gauze clothes orchid lea's . then jump in the sea . and a big fat beach party with a bonfire . oh and a tall dark husband with ice blue eyes to match the watter :)~ and he has to be a carpenter .to build my dream crafting room with wall to wall built In's . see simple lol ...

this Is my chance to do a more complicated wedding. very exciting

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